Hey friend!

I’m Kaili, coffee cynosure, lover of Jesus, chocoholic, military wife, and health and wellness advocate. Florida born, Georgia raised and bound for a life of travel with my Marine. The sun shines brightest when I’m with my honey, whether it’s going on spontaneous day trips, or being total homebodies binging our latest Netflix series.

Nutrition is a huge part of my life (obv). So much so that I received my degree in Nutrition and Food Science with a Community Nutrition emphasis from Georgia Southern University (Hail Southern!). It was not until I began my very own health and wellness journey back in 2013, that I viewed nutrition as an investment in myself and not a burden that I needed to take on in order to meet the status quo. Here at Measure Me Whole health and wellness is a way of life where food is viewed as medicine for the body and down right good for the soul! Measure Me Whole is where I let you in on all my nutrition secrets, wellness tips and tricks, and delicious recipes in order to inspire you to become the happiest, healthiest, version of yourself that you can be. Here balance is key to living this beautiful thing we call life to the fullest and I can’t wait to show you how! I am glad you stopped by!

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If we ever get to chatting you will more than likely hear me gushing at least once or twice over my handsome Mr. We met during an Organic Chemistry course and the rest is history... or is it chemistry? Either way, he’s my happy place, my best friend, my person. Corny, I know but he’s a huge part of what makes me, me so I thought you should meet him.

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Family is the glue that holds me together. Growing up my parents poured love into me and taught me the importance of relationships and investing in others. As I’ve walked through life I have learned that family is a lot like community. We all come from different walks of life...We don’t often get to where we are by ourselves. It is the people that we surrounded ourselves with that help us get there. Therefore I believe it is important to build our family through intentional relationships with people who encourage us in all of our endeavors, love us un- conditionally, and inspire us.

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When you enter Measure Me Whole you will notice a phrase just below the title, “Joy in wholistic living”. What does this mean? Well, I have found from my own personal experiences in order to live life to the fullest it’s not just about how healthy I am nutritionally. It’s about working on our mental, physical, and spiritual fitness as well. Here at Measure Me Whole you’ll find that although most of my content is centered around food, I do talk about spirituality and the nurturing and growth of our souls. I have found true joy in practicing discipline not only in the realm of health and wellness but also in my spiritual walk as well.